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Hottest Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

June 8, 2017

Digital marketing has been growing in a rapid pace year after year. In 2016, we saw mobile completely redefined how people interact with one another as well as brands, which without saying had a big impact on Digital Marketing, Communications and Business. However, in 2017 the newest trends in digital advertising has surfaced once again, all of which will surely change the way brands attract new customers. It’s all about creating a unique and personalized experience that your customers can’t receive from anyone else. As per the report from Statista about digital ad spending on a global scale, the amount is expected to reach over $335 billion by 2020. So here are the hottest trends of 2017.

1. AI revolutionizes digital marketing

Since the internet, Artificial Intelligence is widely believed to be the biggest revolution in digital marketing. Artificial intelligence affects digital marketing in a huge way. Business organisations are starting to focus more on digital marketing strategies rather than the traditional ways to reach targeted customersand build brand image as quickly as possible to cope up with the competition in their respective fields. One thing for sure AI has changed the way of communication with the customer as a results of AI language processing (e.g. chatbots) allowing us to do this with minimal human effort; for example, of chat botKLM Airlines Facebook Messenger Bot – a bot to help you book fights.

2. Focus on Audiences

There has been a gradual change from a focus on channels to a focus on audiences. This means that instead of communicating to different channels (where your target audiences happens to be), leading companies are increasingly building audiences and engaging with them across channels. The change has been largely possible by the increasing in advertising technologies. For example, through the development of data management platforms, customer journeys across own media (e.g. email) and bought media (e.g. display advertising) can be easily build. To gain a competitive advantage, companies have to build engaging customer journeys with the right audiences across different channels.

3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are revolutionizing Digital Marketing

The potential of augmented reality and virtual reality in business applications has never been more promising, companies face a lot of challenges when it comes to consumer engagement and awareness. VR/AR Ads are solving these issues for several reasons. First, VR and AR are still novel technologies where a relatively small number of companies are creating marketing campaigns, so the consumer is likelyto remember them as a new experience. Secondly, companies that utilize these technologies have an astounding opportunity to completely immerse their customers in the experience they want to create. VR and AR can be used to give consumers a much more vivid feel for products and services than was ever before possible.

4. Live-streaming

With the growth of faster internet and smart phones, live video has become a trend. Today social media users are demanding more and more in-the- moment content. The instantaneous availability of information and the ease with how people can access it has completely shaped the way consumers engage with brands, make purchase decisions and connect online. Instead of seeing a recorded event, usersnow want to experience something more vicarious and instantaneos. This digital marketing tactic allows the user to feel “in the moment” and live videos gives them that perspective. So, which growth channel are you going to use in 2017? The point is, businesses that still do not see the significance of digital marketing to boost their presence and revenue will end up being left behind by the competition.