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Gamification consultancy

1 / gamification consultancy

We analyze your business – finding your successes and pain points – working to turn the latter into the former. Upon analyzing your user engagement levels, i.e. how successful you are at interacting with potential customers, we make recommendations as to how to boost your business.

Gamified Labs services can include the development of a new website, app or game, or upgrading an existing one. We can offer a number of customizable platforms to help you both internally and externally.

We will help your business meet its internal and external objectives through integrating effective gamification techniques into your day-to-day processes and activities.

Externally, Gamification has been proven to increase customer retention, engagement, and loyalty. Internally, Gamification produces the appropriate incentive schemes for your employees to meet your business objectives and compete more effectively in this turbulent market. Our platform helps your employees balance competition with cooperation in order to build an innovative and challenging workplace.

digital marketing

2 / digital marketing

Gamified Labs represents WSI Digital Marketing in the GCC region through WSI GCC in countries including: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. WSI is the leading and largest Digital Marketing company network in the world, with offices in over 80 countries, served more than 30,000 clients and won 55 Web WMA Awards. WSI is your one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing requirements.

We combine a unique approach in the digital marketing industry by utilizing a business consultancy approach to thoroughly understand your business in order to arrive at the optimum digital marketing strategy that meets your goals and targets.

We place heavy emphasis on analytics and testing by continuously analyzing and optimizing your campaigns to ensure you receive the highest possible ROI on your Digital Marketing spend. We are your digital marketing consultants - we will be with you all the way, educate you on the ever-fast changing world of the Internet and ensure you're always utilizing the latest and most effective technologies to grow and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

Through our patented research and implementation tools and partnerships with leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! | Bing, HootSuite and HubSpot to name a few, our results have built long-term relationships and exceeded our clients' expectations.

Interactive Media Development

3 / interactive media development

We are continuously developing, exploring, experimenting and willing to invest in innovative ideas whether in mobile and web applications, games, interactive television, ecommerce or virtual and augmented reality.

UX/UI design

4 / UX/UIdesign

User Experience and User Interface Design are both essential elements of all our products. Our user experience concentrates on constantly enhancing customer satisfaction and puts an emphasis on the usability and pleasure that comes from the interaction with the product. Our user interface design is essentially there to compliment the user experience of the design. We put in significant emphasis on the look and feel as well as the presentation of our products.

At Gamified Labs, our primary goal is to create beautiful things that are simple yet effective and easy to use and understand at the same time.


5 / R&D

Being an innovative software house, our main aim at Gamified Labs has always been to think out of the box and promote ideas and products that are technologically advanced and new to the market. To do so and at the same time remain at the top of the business we focus a great deal on Research & Development.

We believe R&D is the backbone to make any innovative idea turn into practical reality. Our Research team works hand in hand with our developers to keep exploring new ideas and trends that emerge in the market, to stay up to date and to provide to our clients products and solutions that are not only hands on but also unique and competent with the ever changing software industry.

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