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what is design

User Experience and User Interface Design are both essential elements of all our products. Our user experience concentrates on constantly enhancing customer satisfaction and puts an emphasis on the usability and pleasure that comes from the interaction with the product. Our user interface design is essentially there to compliment the user experience of the design. We put in significant emphasis on the look and feel as well as the presentation of our products.

At Gamified Labs, our primary goal is to create beautiful things that are simple yet effective and easy to use and understand at the same time.

the look

The look and feel are extremely important aspects of any website. They help define the brand personality and its ability to attract the target audience.


This is an arrangement in which the graphics, ads and text are arranged on a website.The main goal of this arrangement is to help deliver the required information to the user in first glance.


Fonts are a very key part of any design. They enhance the reading experience of a website and add great value to its look and feel.


Colors define the personality and mood of any website.It is important to choose the right blend of colors in order to encourage users to explore further.


Relevant use of images on the website help generate more traffic and deliver a message across more effectively.


Videos are a great way to add value to your website as a visual medium is the best form of representation and people always prefer watching a video over reading or just watching an image.

UX Design

strategy and content

competitor analysis

Knowing your competition is a key part to understanding how well a site is going to function. This offers a way to interpret the usability and thus stand out among the competition.

customer analysis

Customer analysis is done by considering the mind and behavior of users by deconstructing UX personas, user stories, job stories and user experience maps.

product structure/strategy

Following the customer analysis, the site structure is defined by creating user journeys and sitemaps.

content development

Content is what binds everything together. Our content development process ensures that the right message is delivered to the audience in the most consistent manner using the most appropriate words.

wireframing and prototyping


In this phase an information hierarchy is defined by our design team which helps to plan the layout as per how we want the user to process the information.


Prototypes help to understand how a site will perform. They help to enhance the functionality of the site before actual development phase begins.

Coordination with Customer

The final design prototype is shared with the stakeholders to gain their feedback and to tweak any design changes that come forth.

Testing & Iteration

Testing from an early stage in the design process allows for iterative testing. In iterative testing, a usability test is conducted with a preliminary version of a product. Changes are made based on findings from that study.

Development Plan

After completing all the phases a development plan is made to define any timeline and estimates.

Coordination with UI designer(s)

The approved wireframes and prototypes are shared with the UI designer to create the final design.

UI Design

design research

Designers conduct a research based on the UX briefing to come up with best and the most optimized design solutions possible.

branding and graphic development

Branding & Graphic elements are added to the site as per the requirements of the clients.

user guides storyline

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UI prototyping

A full design prototype is created for development team to understand all the UI aspects.

interactivity and animation

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adaptation to all device screen sizes

Different screen designs are created for all device screens for better usability.

implementation with developer

After finalizing everything, briefs are passed to the development team for website creation.

client projects

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